What services we have for you?

Support your business

  • Strategic, Finantial and Operational Management Outsourcing
  • Lean Management.
  • Diagnostic and Improvement Implementation Model
    (Create value with results impact)
  • Diagnostic Phase: KNOW, THINK, PROPOSE (Action Plan)
  • Implementation Phase: ACT, MEASURE, SUSTAINE (Project Management)
  • Accounting and fiscal reporting

Evaluate your business

  • Accounting and Tax Analysis of your business
  • Assessment of current business strategy
  • Operational flows and processes optimization
  • Expansion and / or internationalization opportunities evaluation
  • Facilitate the sale of your business

Analyze your business ideas

  • Identification of the appropriateness of the chosen market
  • Identification of skills needed and adjustments proposal
  • Test of product / service suitability for the intended market
  • We help to program the investments planned.
  • Model the Business Plan, estimating future changes
  • Identify and support how to have the necessary financial resources

Support Funding

  • Evaluate your business ideia
  • Identification of funding sources (Business Angels , Portugal 2020 , Banking , Venture Capital , others)
  • Prepare funding applications

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